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Kombucha is a fermented, naturally effervescent and mildly sweet functional beverage with its roots in the ancient Far East regions of Japan, China and Russia around 2200 years ago. Though the process of preparing Kombucha is similar to that of curd/yoghurt made in our homes since time immemorial, as both of them requires some kind of culture to be added to kickstart the fermentation process. Kombucha begins as a mixture of tea leaves, sugar and S.C.O.B.Y (culture), and during the process of fermentation, it develops a distinct and pleasant sweet- sour-tart taste, natural fizz and loads of beneficial gut-friendly bacteria, a range of probiotics, vital antioxidants, enzymes, detoxifying acids, amino acids, antioxidants, polyphenols, Vitamins B and C, minerals and so much more, making it a better-for-you fizzy beverage.

At shimmmi, we like to think this way: by brewing kombucha, we revive, possibly, the world’s oldest functional non-alcoholic beverage!"

SCOBY or Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast is often referred to as ‘The Mother’. It’s a peculiarly shaped round disk that looks like a mushroom and is the living culture that makes kombucha a special magical drink. Think of it as the 'home' for the good and nutritious bacteria and yeasts that magically transforms tea into your kombucha. At shimmmi, we cultivate our unique, age-old mother SCOBY that is well balanced, healthy & happy, making it even more powerful to brew complex, authentic, probiotic-rich brews.

For time immemorial, folks around the world have experienced various health and wellness benefits from Kombucha. While the research has been going on for about 150 years and counting, here are a few wholesome benefits of Kombucha:

- restores and boosts gut health (a.k.a. our second brain)
- naturally boosts immunity (yes, 70% immunity lies in our gut)
- aids detox and easy digestion
- naturally energise & hydrate with alkalizing effects
- controls hunger and helps manage weight
- balances sugar levels, blood pressure & cholesterol
- supports and maintains healthy liver & gastrointestinal functions
- promotes skin health & glow

p.s. your gut has also got a lot to do with your: happiness, feel good, wisdom, mental health, emotional wellbeing & social engagement! hmm, surprised? curious? you can check out this link to read more about ongoing research & experiments in this space. you can also hit google scholar (keyword: kombucha) for some quick studies!

Shimmmi makes one of the lowest-sugar Kombuchas available in the market with less than 1g per 100 ml; which, btw, is not the hard part if not achieved naturally, without BS. Raw cane sugar is the key starter element that acts as food for all the live cultures, SCOBY (not for you). During the long, good-old fermentation rounds, we significantly brew out and eliminate this sugar down to near zero levels, making our brews probiotic rich & naturally resilient to last much longer - yeah, 6 months once bottled. Moreover, though the process starts with cane sugar, which is rich in sucrose; the final brew mostly contains fructose – the residual and simple sugar, with a low Glycemic Index (GI), similar to that found in fruits.

At shimmmi, we work meticulously and tirelessly (read as: sleepless nights) to achieve the tough trinity (actual hard part): (a) super low sugar & calories; (b) stay wholly true to the age-old, authentic processes & real, plant-based stuff exactly as nature grows them, no BS in the form of artificial or natural (made in lab) or even nature-identical; and delivering a light, yummy taste profile. This is all what we are obsessed with most of our times.

Have no fear! Don’t freak out if you spot strands, or sediments of live culture (SCOBY) floating in your drink or settled at the bottom of the bottle. In fact, they are a sign (and sort of a litmus test) of an old-school, authentic, healthy Kombucha that is unpasteurised and full of goodness. This floating bacteria is completely safe for consumption and retains all the healthy elements that make our Kombucha genuine.

No way. Not at all! When we say ‘No BS’, we actually mean it!! Our kombucha is live, raw, unfiltered and unpasteurized to maintain all the healthy and natural goodness of the bacteria and the ingredients.

We feel one cannot shimmmi with just any ingredients, especially all that artificial or nature-identical BS around. Shimmmi kombucha is always made using premium loose leaf black and green teas (assam and darjeeling), and 100% responsibly locally sourced, real plant-based ingredients exactly as nature grows them. We infuse every handcrafted small batch with literally sun-dried or fresh chunks, leaves or parts of a thoughtfully, deep curated shimmmix of gourmet botanicals, herbs, spices, fruits, flowers etc. (even all that good fizz is 100% naturally occurring due to fermentation)

In fact, it is our highest priority and source of pride to express our zero tolerance for BS of all kinds and forms that you have or haven’t heard of, or can’t really pronounce. Basically, we’re NOT shady! pinky promise! hell yeah, just like our mothers, no matter what! Below is a list of a few BS items we stay far away from: (will keep adding to it as we find more around us in a market full of clutter, smart or half-truths, clever marketing tricks or just plain lies. tip: read back of the label and in no time, you’ll know what we mean):
no preservatives, no concentrates, no additives, no artificial colours, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavourings, no natural flavourings, no nature-identical flavourings, no artificial carbonation, no acidity regulators, no emulsifiers, no stabilisers, gluten-free, non-GMO

We have tirelessly experimented in developing one-of-a-kind preparations, formulations and recipes. Our sleepless nights and continuous brainstorming sessions have resulted in a whole lotta deep curated stack of gourmet botanicals, herbs, spices, fruits, flowers etc. that would make each brew as unique as you. We aren’t just introducing you to kombucha, our signature taste profile and always lighter & fizzier forms inspired from californian brewing styles are sure to make kombucha a go-to part of your lifestyle, routine and palate.

Notably, to improve overall palatibility, we have gone the extra mile by developing a shimmmix (stack) of 13 herbs and spices (Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cloves, Black Cardamom, Green Cardamom, Fennel, Lemongrass, Chamomile, Peppermint, Oregano, Rosemary, Basil, Thyme) that are wholly infused, straight as-is, into our brewed tea base, all the while sitting together with the SCOBY during long ferment rounds. This is our supporting cast that works with our star cast in each brew, ultimately giving shimmmi kombucha its signature, light, mouthful, complex-yet-subtle taste profile like no other. (hmmm, let’s just call, the yummiest 😋, no BS booch going ‘round!).

Now, you also know why we offer limited options as each brew carries an extraordinary depth, complexity and thought behind them. We don't believe in burdening our customers just for the sake of increasing our offerings mindlessly.

Yes. Shimmmi kombucha is 100% vegan, non-GMO, gluten free, plant-based and considered paleo-friendly. Especially given our extremely low sugar content, anyone following the paleo diet can rest assured that our kombucha is generally considered approved for paleo, even by the experts!

Stevia is a plant that belongs to the chrysanthemum family that grows in Paraguay and Brazil. It contains no fructose yet is 300 times sweeter than sugar. As we brew out a significant amount of sugar during our long fermentation rounds, we balance the lost sweetness and taste profile by infusing just enough micro amounts of housemade dried stevia leaves infusion. No aftertaste guaranteed, in fact you won’t even feel it, pinky promise! We have zero tolerance for any artificial or nature-identical or shady forms of sweeteners around, that's why we make our only leaf-based infusion in-house that allows us to truly provide you with a ‘gut-friendly drink that tastes super delicious and perfectly marries health and taste.

Storage & Consumption

Refrigerate the bottles in an upright position as soon as you unbox them. Since our kombucha is raw, unpasteurised and contains live cultures, do not store them in temperatures beyond 2°to 6°C, and, of course, it’s best served chilled! Note that, please do not put the bottles in freezer section as that will cause ice formation inside and bottles may explode due to excessive pressure build up.

Shimmmi Kombucha naturally contains an extremely low amount of sugar (<1g per 100ml) as we brew out almost all of the sugar and its live cultures are super healthy, strong and happy enough to survive the shelf life (6 months) if refrigerated at (almost) all times. However, know that lesser sugar results in a lesser risk of refermentation, which is a good thing when it comes to skipping a day or two of refrigeration.

Do note that when left unrefrigerated, even these low amounts of sugar can continue to ferment (yes, to a lesser extent) in the bottle, causing a build-up of pressure, changes in effervescence and flavour profile, and potential elevated alcohol content. So, we strongly recommend that our kombucha be refrigerated at all times while not being consumed.

We recommend single serving, so most of you shimmmi lovers won’t have trouble finishing theirs. But if you are a fan of taking it slow, we suggest consuming it within 1-2 days after opening. Although there are no safety concerns, once opened it will eventually start losing its fizz and original (carefully crafted) taste profile.

Since kombucha is a live and raw drink, it contains unharmed good bacteria and yeasts which are continuously at work and making it richer every moment. If you don’t drink it at one go and decide to keep some for later, you will find it a bit stronger. Remember, your liking of kombucha depends on how tart and acidic you prefer. Some like it on the sweeter side of the spectrum and some like it tart. Like we said, it’s as unique & dynamic as you!

While it’s true that brewed Kombucha requires refrigeration, but it's brewed at room temperature, and different brewers ferment it for different durations with varying levels of residual sugars. At shimmmi, we can ship it under ambient conditions as we meticulously account for our last-mile delivery/transit times, during our brewing, fermentation and storage processes. So, don't worry, we have it under control and if it's not, we never ship that batch at all.

Do NOT shake the bottle. If shaken, an overflow can occur due to the natural effervescence. To mix the sediment, if any, we recommend tilting the bottle gently back and forth.

Although kombucha never really expires when stored under refrigeration at all times, the alcohol content increases, and starts turning more sharp, acidic & vinegary, making kombucha unpalatable for your liking (but doesn't really harm your health if consumed). Since we are required to meet the standards of regulatory requirements and compliances, shimmmi kombucha is declared best before 6 months from the manufacturing date.

We know you might think why such a long shelf life. You should, and it's a question we love to answer because we have spent lots of sleepless nights to make our brews last longer, naturally, no BS; which, btw, is the hard part if you only have honest means. As all the initial sugar gets significantly brewed out to near zero levels during our long ferment rounds, our brews become probiotic rich & naturally resilient to last much longer!

There are obviously too many opinions on this matter. But, we say, listen to your body, and not the internet! We know our brew and that's why we say you can start with a bottle a day, and go up to 3 or even more bottles a day based on how your gut responds and feels. Although not harmful, consuming too much too soon, if you're not ready, can result in bloating and an upset stomach. We suggest you decide your intake and increase depending on your liking and how your body responds. Know that there's no real standard lower or upper limit here like we have for medicines or tonics or nutraceuticals, it's food and your gut knows how to adapt and balance things in your body especially when you consistently include kombucha and fermented foods in your daily diet.

It’s a timeless drink, you can realy drink it anytime. It's a great pick me up in morning or that afternoon time, it enhances and supports digestion when paired with meals, it's a great go-to to help you unwind at the end of the day. So, just shimmmi and relax!

We make all our brews in such a way that they become not only ‘super palatable’ (read: yummy) with subtle tasting notes like no other, but also ‘super versatile’ with more than just one way to consume!

While the most popular way is to just drink it straight up, there is more than just one way to shimmmi and the choice is completely yours. Mix up and use as an alcohol mixer, or spike things up and create your own gourmet cocktails / mocktails. Or simply freeze it in a mould & make cool popsicles; blend it with fruits or dairy-free milk/cream & make crazy shooters/floats, smoothies or creamsicles; or you can even turn it into a salad dressing because there are infinite ways to shimmmi, and we can’t wait to find yours!


Yes! Although a small trace of alcohol is usually produced during the process of fermentation, we test every batch to ensure that it does not go beyond 0.5% ABV as per national and international standards for non-alcoholic drinks. Also, did you know! Alcohol is a naturally -occuring macronutrient and can be found in small amounts in other foods too (for example: fresh-squeezed orange juice has about 0.05%-0.1% ABV. even idli-dosa batter has similar trace amounts after fermentation)

It is known as a functional wellness beverage for a reason! One cannot get drunk on kombucha even if you gulp 2-3 bottles in a go as it rather promotes elimination and detox. Although like anything else, consuming a lot may upset your stomach or cause bloating as you would be introducing far too many probiotic organisms in your gut, but getting 'drunk' on kombucha is impossible. In short, just listen to your body closely and drink kombucha(s) daily to experience all the magical benefits it offers.

Our kombucha is naturally decaffeinated in comparison to black tea. It has traces of beneficial caffeine found in a mix of black and green tea. This blend of loose leaf black and green teas not only controls the caffeine levels but also ensures a perfect balance for health of our age-old mother SCOBY culture.

Since our product undergoes many rounds of fermentation and remains raw, unpasteurised and alive throughout, the sweetness (residual sugars) varies from batch to batch and over time within each batch. We actually think of this dynamic nature as a good sign of an authentic small-batch kombucha. Although consistency is the key, and we work tirelessly to ensure that happens with our products. Because at shimmmi, you can and should judge the drink based on what’s written on the label.

Yes! Shimmmi is a great and interesting addition to all and any of your events. Not just age-friendly, it’s also a unique versatile drink with more than one way to shimmmi, so expect some compliments for being the host of the year when you introduce your gang and others to this gourmet magical guilt-free beverage, a rare-find in a beverage market around us! It is a great alternative to the widely available sugar-laden, artificially carbonated soda/cold drinks/cocktail mixers, or just boring iced teas and mojitos. If you consume alcohol, even better news as all our brews are not only great alcohol mixers but also a great way to bring gourmet bar-at-home to make craft cocktails.

Check out all our brew pages for more ways to shimmmi and do give us a chance in the next party you're throwing. We will sort it for you even further with some bulk party order discounts! Make your party the talk of the town!

Oh yes, yes! Across the world, lots of kids have grown up enjoying kombucha and many other types of fermented food and drinks. In fact, to your surprise, kids typically have a better physiological balance to truly appreciate the tasting notes and unique sourness of this magical bubbly drink. They may not even be feeling the same sour/tart as adults do. In short, let them have this head start, early on!

It is always important for pregnant and breastfeeding women to consult with their doctor on any health-related questions, including whether to drink kombucha.

Please know that kombucha is a tea-based ferment that precedes the origin of the elusive term "hipster" by several thousand years. So, don't believe everything you hear, many times it's just incorrect.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Whether you have just been exposed to the whole fermented food culture, or have been a booch enthusiast or connoisseur for a long time, our kombucha is for anyone and everyone. From late-afternoon pick me ups to gym freak looking for health and taste on the go. Whether your meal needs a companion or you need to boost energy levels at the end of the day. Maybe you’re a passionate creative or busy corporate who can't do without a little afternoon pick-me-up. Maybe you’re an avid traveller or an outdoor enthusiast who’s looking for the perfect drink to toss in your backpack and take on a hike. Maybe you’re a parent who craves something fizzy that isn’t loaded with sugar or other BS. Maybe you’re a clean eater who’s looking for a fermented beverage that doesn’t sacrifice on taste. Maybe you're an athlete who needs to work at peak performance for a longer period of time. Maybe you're a gym freak, runner, aerobics or yoga person who strives to maintain active workout routines. Maybe you’re a busy entrepreneur who loves to try new things that are convenient to grab on the go but don’t compromise on sustainability.
Whoever you are, kombucha is a timeless, age and gender neutral drink that you must incorporate into your daily routine. It has been around for thousands of years but only recently caught the limelight due to its experiential health benefits and made popular by growing community of fermentation lovers, kombucha enthusiasts & modern brands.

The TL;DR: kombucha is possibly the best alternative to your mainstream sodas, cold drinks, packed juices, coffee, tea, energy drinks or other fizzy drinks around loaded with BS. just relax and know that anyone can shimmmi anytime, anywhere!

In terms of technicality and process, yes! Kombucha is like other fermented foods namely Sauerkraut, Kimchi, kefir etc. But it differs in taste and the benefits it offers. Fermented food is one of the best ways to get beneficial bacteria & microorganisms in our body, they not only help with boosting the nutrition that we receive from the food we consume, but also also strengthens and promotes good gut health and gut fauna or microbiota.

The current lifestyle has reduced our exposure and in-take of microorganisms and replaced it with all kinds of BS made in labs, not real food that is prepared only from stuff that nature grows. To bring fermented goodness back in your life, we believe it's far more easier and palatable to go beverage route rather than a similar health superfood item that might not appeal to your taste buds as much. Only when you are happy having it, you stick to that healthy habit. And that’s exactly what we at shimmmi help you achieve easily, guilt-free, left, right and centre!

Packaging & Shipping

You can shimmmi all over India as we ship nationwide.

We offer free shipping across India. Cash on Delivery is available for certain areas with a small additional fee.

All the orders are shipped from our warehouse in Delhi same/next business day and delivered within 1-7 days of placing the order depending on pincode/zone. However, you may experience a delay in shipping as it may take up to 7-10 days due to the influx of online orders on account of Covid-19 and its effect on operational flows of our logistics and fulfillment partners. Rest assured, team shimmmi is working around the clock to ensure your kombucha gets to you as soon as possible. We will notify you with the shipping updates.

Once your order is processed, you will receive a tracking ID on your phone/email that can be used to track the order and get additional shipping information. You can track your order by clicking here.

Kombucha is made by fermenting tea. A well-fermented, authentic kombucha has a pH of 2.4 and below and high chances of reacting with plastic. Moreover, plastic is cancer-causing on consumption and poses a health and environmental risk on our only planet. Glass is inert and doesn’t react with the Kombucha.

As a climate conscious brand, we ship all our packages 100% plastic free - whether it’s your cool booch glass bottle or all kinds of shipping materials used (even the paper tapes). we performed rigorous testings to develop a shipping box so cool and resilient that not only ensures the fragile contents are safe, but also provides a fun, frustration-free unboxing experience. still, that’s not enough when we just have one planet to call home. we are constantly working to up our sustainability processes and will soon roll out great stuff, including tech-enabled solution to offset plastic and carbon footprint, organised recycling efforts and more.

Meanwhile, do not forget to refrigerate the bottles upon opening. Enjoy the bubbly goodness chilled and let your tastebuds go shimmmi!

Cancellation & Returns

Unfortunately, due to safety & hygiene concerns, complex temperature and packing requirements for shipping glass bottles, we do not accept any return or exchange.

But, if your order was damaged or missing during transit, or you’ve received a wrong order, or are experiencing any issue regarding the same, please feel free to reach out to us. You can contact our customer service team at hello@shimmmi.com or +91 8433716663.

Believe us, we’ll do everything we can to make it up to you, hassle free! We offer full/partial refunds after our customer support team thoroughly validates the damage/issue via communication over email or phone. Keeping ourselves in your shoes, as a best practice, we strongly recommend to inspect your shipment box and order upon reception, and must take picture(s) showing any damage(s) in transit / any other issue, if any. It will help all of us tackle such situations with greater ease.

Please note that refunds will be processed only if the query is raised within 10 days of delivery. Any queries or concerns beyond 10 days from the delivery date will not be entertained.

Any cancellations can be processed, typically, within 24 hours of placing the orders, by writing to us at hello@shimmmi.com or via WhatsApp at 8433716663. We will initiate and process a refund of your cancelled order amount to the original mode of payment within 5-10 working days. We can also provide an option of payout links that enables you to get your refund in any of your preferred bank account/UPI ID. We closely work with our payment service providers to provide you with a seamless, frustration-free experience here.
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